Hi there, I’m Mia! I am not a trained chef by any means, but I love to bake and cook, as well as garden organically. I dabble in photography and I am a true bacon lover. (Sometimes extreme!) I love veggies, but I could never be a vegetarian. I love bacon too much!

I love where our family lives…set up high above the Columbia River Gorge, on a Winter Wheat farm. Our house is an old 1930’s farmhouse and we couldn’t be happier! Sometimes we get snowed in, sometimes we go on vacation, but it’s always wonderful to be home.

farm3Front yard view! Love seeing the Columbia Gorge everyday!

I’m a technology nut. I always have my iPhone, iPad, PC and laptop close by. I am on so many social media outlets everyday. I am easily reached! Follow me on Twitter, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, or shoot me an email at thesassyorganic@gmail.com. I’m happy to answer questions!


Happy baking!