About Mia


Me! I’m addicted to home-cooked meals, local & organic ingredients and family time. I have 3 great kids, the youngest whom is ready to embark on her undergrad degree this August!

I love where our family lives…set up high above the Columbia River Gorge, surrounded by winter wheat. Our house is an old 1930’s farmhouse and we couldn’t be happier! Sometimes we get snowed in, sometimes our road washes out, but it’s always a wonderful place to be. Except the grasshoppers and wasps, although they have a place in our ecosystem as well. 🙂 farm3Front yard view! Love seeing the Columbia Gorge everyday! I post when I can, but my Sustainable & Organic Ag degree courses take up a lot of my time! Priorities! 🙂

Life gets crazy. We rarely go out to eat, unless it’s a date night because I LOVE to cook & bake! Our kiddos are almost grown and I swear I am sometimes more busy than I was when they were little! My guy Jon is supportive, loving and is THE world’s best sous chef! Like, seriously. We have 4 crazy cats, 1 dog, 1 badger who likes to drink from our sprinklers and countless coyotes up here. Love it!


See! He’s the cutest too! Happy, happy, happy!

I’m always happy to chat, so drop me a line if you have a question about a recipe or blog post info!