Flash Freeze Your Veggies! (And Fruit)

I always harvest way more than we can consume and instead of letting the produce just sit in the fridge, I typically flash freeze my veggies & fruits for later. *Flash Freeze meaning that you do a quick uncovered freeze, then bag or put in container for long term freezing. * I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and let me tell you, we grow a lot of veggies and fruit here! My peaches should be ready in a week or so! Eek!

Our beans come on quick! It seems I just picked a ton and 2 days before and BOOM! I have to get creative!

Shameless plugging for a company who makes great products- Zyliss makes this great salad spinner that I also use to clean my veggies. It’s great!

Back to the beans- wash really well and cut the ends off. Pat dry. Lay all beans flat on a sheet pan and flash freeze for about 20 mins.

Put all flash frozen veggies in freezer bags and lay flat in your freezer. If you have them in proper freezer bags and remember to pat them dry before flash freezing, those veggies can last 6-8 months in your freezer.

Same exact thing for these peppers. πŸ™‚ Wash really well.

Cut and pat dry. Flash freeze for about 20 mins.

Place in a freezer bag and lay flat in your freezer.

Regarding flash freezing fruit…

This is your chance to wash and trim and cut if you’d like because when you want the fruit later, it will be easy and ready to use. πŸ™‚

Happy harvesting!


17 thoughts on “Flash Freeze Your Veggies! (And Fruit)

  1. Great idea. We are starting our very first garden this weekend. I will be adding flash freezing to the list of possibilities of what to do with what we hope are plentiful crops.

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  2. This is right up my alley as I am vegan. I do not have a garden, but obviously buy lots of veggies. Great tip on the drying of the veggies prior to flash freezing. I generally wash and cut lots of veggies at one time and freeze whatever I am not immediately using, but they freeze into a brick. I will be sure to remember to dry them next time.

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    1. My suggestion is to cut the veggies and fruit the way you want to use them, if possible. For green peppers, I cut them into thin strips for stir fry recipes, etc. I shave the corn from the cob before flash freezing, and with berries, I freeze whole. πŸ™‚


  3. Nice post! I love to freeze my veggies. Especially if they have sat around and I have not used them. It’s saves so much of my money! And when friends who grow things have extra I take as much as I can to freeze. Do you freeze herbs?


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