Can I Get Back To Cooking Please?

Life is nuts. My daughter starts back at school next week and I spent a good part of the last week improving my math placement scores so I could register for classes this fall. Wowza! It’s been a long time.

Back to kitchen stuff…I’m obsessed slightly with Bento boxes. Do any of you pull out just the pages of a magazine like me for later use? I just can’t hold onto a stack of magazines. I just can’t hold onto a stack of magazines. I hate clutter!

On a different note: My Royal Burgundy beans are finally producing! Yes!

My kiddos loved surprise Slurpees. They are so crazy sweet! End of summer tradition!

Seriously…how can you get anything done with this dude? 😻

I pick up a few shifts here and there at our local antique shop/espresso place. This weekend is a 3 day shift, so I’m slinging blended coconut milk mochas like a boss! 👊🏻

We picked about 25 ears of corn and shucked them right at the field where they were picked. I shaved all of them and have a huge bowl in my fridge, yet have been so busy that I haven’t made the corn salsa and handled any of the flash freezing. Soon, my delicious kernels. 🌽

Ok, back to this cutie. I CANT BELIEVE MY BABY IS STARTING HER SENIOR YEAR! What?! Jace & I have college this fall, and we are just so thankful for all of the love and patience that Jon gives us while supporting and pushing us to succeed. I’m excited to work on completing my degree in Sustainable & Organic Agriculture. It’s been a dream that’s finally coming to fruition. ❤️

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