Our Crazy Farm Animals

Sitka is our 2 1/2 year old sweet shelter pup whom was found running with 2 stray dogs by the freeway. We adopted him the day after he was brought to the shelter. Boy did we get lucky! He’s so sweet and well behaved. He’s a Husky/Shepherd/Lab mix. πŸ•

Oh, Ling Ling the Snowshoe. She is so cute. She’s been with Jon since she was just weeks old and now she’s 13 and still a ninja. She catches mice daily and recently caught 4 pack rats who kept trying to make their homes in farm equipment. We love her panda face. 🐼

5 year old Sherbs came to us because his Dad was moving far away and couldn’t take him with. He tried everything he could and didn’t want to leave him at a shelter, so we have a mutual friend who called me. OF COURSE WE ADOPTED HIM. We didn’t know it at the time, but he’s a bobcat hybrid and he is crazy strong and pretty much wants to kill our calico. It makes life interesting! 🐾

Callie, our Calico is special. She came to my son Jace during a storm. She was tiny, a little emaciated and loud. She’s now 3 and rambunctious, crazy and wonderful. She loves to run around the farm, chasing shadows.

Oso is a mama’s boy. The kids and I volunteered at a shelter every Saturday and I would spend many months grooming and visiting this boy. 9 months later, I had to bring him home. He was 4 then, but now he’s 14 and absolutely the coolest cat. He’s a Norwegian Forest Cat and so quick, powerful and sweet. He loves climbing trees and snuggling. 🐈

This pic was taken up at the wheat farm where we live. Sitka and his cousin Buckley love spending time together any chance they get. ❀️

Just a token pic of my guy riding around on his Kabota, doing some brush mowing up around the houses. Love how he borrowed Jace’s sombrero for the ride around. Haha. SUCH A CUTIE! 😘

I left out the badger who stops in for a drink of water in the front yard and the baby coyotes who play in the sprinkler behind our house. They are so cute! Wish their parents didn’t want to kill our kitties! Oh, and the 4 cows who went stray from their property last summer and just ate their way back down through the wheat up here. They took their sweet ass time munching down the 4500 acres before wandering back to wherever they were from. πŸ„ We also see the occasional mountain lion up here, but we in no way claim them as pets!

Life up here is wonderful. So thankful for the space to roam for all of our fur babies. ❀️


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