End Of Summer Ride Along ☀️

Our morning started out early today. 🙂 Jon needed to check on a cornfield for a client of his. Across the way, the same farmer was working on hay bales. 🌾

Sitka is a farm dog who usually stays close to home, but today he was able to "go bye-bye." He's so happy! 🐕

Some of the red onions were ready for me to clean up and store too! Yessssss!

Corn fields are so humid! They're crazy tall and when Jon gets back from checking on them, he's soaked! Good thing he wears a rain jacket and has super easy to dry pants. Waterproof boots help too! 🙂 Speaking of corn, I have a ton of fresh corn to process into corn salsa and corn for the freezer. 🌽

I always love when the cows greet me. (Even if they're just hoping for another meal). So cute!

I love the days before school starts back up again that I'm able to ride along with my guy. He's so much fun to chat with, and harass with my satellite radio switching from channel to channel. I make him laugh with my 80's rock. I brought along a good book for some downtime, so between catching a few chapters, walking Sitka around and enjoying the milder weather, I'm in heaven. ❤️

Happy Tuesday!


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