Sunday Yard Fun

We have been super busy this time of year, with Jon's crazy work schedule and wheat harvest. Not even gonna get into teenagers and their crazy summer schedule. 🙂 PS: I love Dinnerplate Dahlias! We have a bunch finally blooming in our garden!

The heat has been insane. It's been over 100 for 3 weeks straight and we are into another 100-104 degree week. It's been a struggle to keep everything outside hydrated and weeded. The grasshoppers have been ravaging all of my flowers and eating as much vegetation as possible. Those stinkers! 🐜 Ants. Let me begin with how much I've tried to use everything within my power to help guide these little pests elsewhere, but every organic option has been exhausted. I refuse to introduce nasty chemicals into our garden. So, me and ants…yeah. We tight. Thank goodness they stay out of my house!

Oh Zinnias. I love them. So do the grasshoppers! You can see how they ravage the green leafs. They're just hungry, man.

Back to my flowers. I've been waiting for the Asters to open. They're easily one of my favorite flowers. Yay for this week! They're all over my garden!

Now it's time to discuss my love for fresh, organic apples. These are growing in our side yard. We have 3 apple trees, one apricot tree and one peach tree here around our house. The peaches are a late September variety, so it's a game of trying to get the apples and peaches before the deer. 🦌 Speaking of deer…we spotted 3 bucks the other day up here at the farm. Love that they're moving in, despite the fire we had up here last month.

Today will be filled with keeping everything watered, putting teriyaki chicken in the slow cooker, laundry, baking, giving Sitka a bath & blogging! I have 3 weeks with my teenaged daughter before she starts her senior year, so it's great to incorporate her in what I'm working on. ❤️

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