Just Another One Of My Typical Days

Days up on the farm start early. Like sometimes 2am early. Jon gets up super early to head out to the fields, sometimes with a headlamp strapped on to see the plants. The world of agronomy is cray cray this time of year…

Sitka forgoes his big fluffy dog bed for his fave rug next to Jon’s side of the bed. So sweet. He was tuckered out and decided he did not want an early morning walk. 

One or two days a week, I try to hitch a ride with my guy on a day that he doesn’t have to sample fields for longer than 8 hours. RARE! πŸ™‚ 

I love the snaps my kids send me. Hilarious! 

Jon hooks me up with fresh, organic spuds. This time it was Russets. Next time, Umatillas. I’m cool with that. 

Mashed potatoes happen to be ALWAYS on Erin and Jon’s minds, so I make them quite frequently. You being me potatoes and I’ll make mashed potatoes for ya any day. 😜

There are about a dozen things I can grow up at the farm that the grasshoppers/locusts won’t decimate. Unfortunately, carrots are not one of them. I’m very thankful for local availability of fresh, organic rainbow carrots. I could eat them roasted every single day. I actually do eat them almost every day when I can! 

There’s one task/chore that others may hate, but I have no issue with…shucking corn. Jon has such a great relationship with the farmers he helps with in the Basin, he brings home tons of organic sweet corn for us. I sit out on the back of our flat bed trailer, crank up the tunes and shuck away so that the mess stays outside. (Another funny fact about the flat bed trailer- my kids have lounge chairs set up on it so they can tan up on it away from any crawling ants or bees. Haha!)  I have learned to shave the corn kernels and flash freeze, then freezer bag up what I know we won’t eat in time. This is because I know more corn is coming and I better get ready. πŸ™‚ Good ole’ Martha Stewart taught me to use the shaved cobs and make corn broth from them, instead of simply throwing them away. This is happening at my house this week! 🌽

I work part-time at a fab antique store literally just across the road from our driveway here and there. It is such a wonderful experience each and every time! I love seeing all of the unique vintage items, such as this hilarious owl with the crazy feet. πŸ˜‚

It is very normal for us to take off with Sitka for a walk behind the buildings on one of the tractor roads either in the morning when it’s cool, or in the evenings when it’s starting to cool down. Personally, I’m not a fan of rattlesnakes or badgers- both of which we have up here. I’d rather be out when they’re not as likely to be seen!
A lot is happening this week. Wheat harvest begins today! It will be about 1 1/2 weeks of semi trucks and combines moving around like crazy up here. When the wheat is off, a sigh of relief is heard all around. The fire danger is greatly diminished then. 

Happy Monday!


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