What A Week! 

What a week! We’ve been so stressed this week. Monday morning…suuuuper early, a fire started in the canyon below our farm. We watched all of the reports and started seeing a lot of smoke.

I panicked because we couldn’t see down into the canyon very well to know if the fire was spreading close to the bluff where we live. I couldn’t tell if it was climbing. 
​We went to bed Monday evening crossing our fingers. We woke up to this view on a different side of the farm. There were 5 fires all around us. 
Then, we started seeing this. (A new area of smoke)
The fire started burning the wheat and thankfully after calling 911 3 times, several calls to BLM and local fire stations, help arrived. ❤️ There are so many huge fires in the area all at once, so we were thankful they could spare a crew to help. Everyone is so spread thin. 
Here’s a good perspective of the fire on the wheat at our farm. (A friend took these 2 pics from across the river.)
View from the tractor – massive disc work to create a fire line 7 miles long x 200 yards wide to help where the firefighters couldn’t get to until the next day. Farmers are fire fighters too! ❤️ 
The fire went out 3 times but flared back up. The 3rd crew arrived yesterday. 

Air support, dozers and dozens of firefighters arrived to help knock the fire down for the 3rd time. 
I chilled out enough to do some baking to share. 😜

Then we slept (FINALLY) thanks to the 30+ elite hand crew firefighters who have been up there all night long while we slept. They’re mopping up the last of the fire. They’re still up there and we are thankful. 👊🏻🔥🌾

A lot of wheat is gone. Between what was burned and what had to be destroyed to protect the buildings, other wheat fields and neighbors down the road. We are thankful everyone is ok. ❤️

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