My Crazy Week!

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of workdays with Jon this week and I love watching the fields grow! These Umatilla Potatoes are destined for potato chips for a local company who sells nationwide. The circles have huge tires which don’t stop for anything! I spent a lot of my time this week shucking peas. We love them and have a lot in our freezer now. Our uses are just a teeny bit compared to this massive pea field. 😘The Snapchats the kids and I send back and forth are hilarious! Our cat Oso needed a collar and some bandages for a wound and Sitka is a constant foot licker. Thank goodness for Petco!An early morning walk with Sitka around the farm turned into a cat walk too! 😍 Callie adores Sitka. My catnip plant on the front porch was going nuts, so we clipped it down and dried a bunch. Sherbs loved life that morning! PS: We have 4 cats. Haha. Jon says I have to stop at 40!We finally had time to empty the greenhouse and cold frames and get everything left planted! Yes!My visit to the corn field had me dreaming of Mexican street corn, corn salsa, corn on the cob…Mercy! A few weeks away and I’ll be in heaven!Bell peppers everywhere! Drool. Stuffed peppers coming right up!Work day Pot Pie happened because I was smart enough to thaw a box of puffed pastry the day before! There were no leftovers! Oh Ling Ling. She’s the sweetest old broad. She’s a snowshoe cat, as well as a ninja. 🐈I love meeting old farm dogs. So sweet. πŸ•Organic cherries from Washington State make me happy. I was lucky to find some at my local farm stand close to home and immediately imagined homemade frozen yogurt, smoothies and frozen cherries. πŸ’Thank goodness my cherry pitter pits 6 at a time! It’s 95 degrees today and the next few days are supposed to be over 100 degrees. I’m working on cooking ahead so even though we had Caesar Salad Wraps tonight for dinner, I also made Couscous Chicken Divan for tomorrow. Tomorrow I am baking early and getting my crock pot cooking! I need to get my daughter helping too- school is out for the summer!

Happy weekend! β˜€οΈ

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