First Pea Harvest!

There are certain things I can’t grow up here at the wheat farm- I learned the hard way! The locusts attack certain veggies, but thankfully they leave my peas, tomatoes and other vining varieties alone! 

Vinegar is my best friend when it comes to weed control and some good hand weeding. (I weed my flower and veggie areas weekly). I also plant peppermint around to keep the ants somewhat at bay. They make me nuts, but in order to keep things organic, I have to be inventive! 😜 Peppermint oil works inside for ants and spiders too! They hate it! 
Back to my pea adventure today…My daughter Erin & I harvested, while Sitka watched and looked cute in the shade. 🐕

Thankfully my “little” 17 year old pea sheller was here to help shell all of these beauties for dinner this eve. 

We love peas at our house. Even Sitka, who gets them mashed in his homemade dog treats! Have I mentioned how much I love organic veggies and fruit at home?! The birds get most of my berries before I can get them, as do the deer who try to get my apples, peaches and apricots before me! Stinkers! 🌱

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