A Few Of My New Pretties! 

I have dozens of varieties of flowers growing up here around our house. These are some of the newly opened beauties that I’m excited about! 🌸

These wild roses are from a HUGE bush that is about 20 feet long by 6 feet high that is amazingly beautiful for about a month every year. It’s doubled in size from last year. Might need to trim it back a little hehe. I’m a Lupine maniac! It’s one of my favorites! These came back from last year’s plants even better. 🙂 I have 2 color versions of these Columbine growing, but this is my fave!Oh Dahlias…I have dwarf Dahlias, Dahlias and Dinnerplate Dahlias growing in my garden- love them! The Dinnerplate variety plants are already about 8 inches high. Hopefully, I will have them in bloom in about a month! I totally forget what these are called, but I love them and the white version next to them! Another variety of Dahlias haha. More Lupine. Love this shade of pink!The bugs love my rose leaves, but the flowers are left alone and so fragrant!Oh Cosmos…they are almost like a weed. I let one big start grow,  but that’s it! Love the flowers, but hate how they try to take over!The wheat farm this morning when I took Sitka on a walk before weeding the flower beds. Thankfully, there are tractor roads all along the 4,000 acre farm for me to walk on anytime I want! The wheat is heading out! It’s crazy that so many weeds grow and make it hard for the wheat to grow close to the tractor roads. Everything else is growing great this year! Still about 3-4 weeks until harvest time! Super glamorous right? 😂😂😂 I love not having neighbors and walking back to the house with Sitka. Our house is surrounded by all of those outbuildings holding tractors and combines. Busy, busy! 🌾

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