Ride Along! 

Once in awhile, I’m able to take a day to ride along with my guy while he works with farmers to help improve their crops. I love seeing all of the growth and hustle & hustle the Columbia Basin has going on this time of year. 🌱While Jon’s busy, I hang out. Sometimes I listen to Metallica really loud and play on my tablet. (Ok, maybe a lot of the time).  I’m also watching a rather large thunderstorm hit. Love the smell of fresh rain! Thank goodness for a wet t-storm! We don’t need any dry t-storms near our house! 

Completely unrelated: Do any of you happen to be as ridiculous as me with water bottles? I love my Nalgenes, but I’m always fiddling with caps & mouth pieces, as well as putting stickers on anything and everything! 

Holy hail! Time to get back to the truck! ⛈ Happy Mia! 

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