Meal Planning Mayhem!

I’m one of those women. The one who maps out a month’s worth of meals on a calendar so my kids can see what I’m making instead of asking me 248,350 times a day what we are eating for dinner. I’m pretty good at grocery shopping at a set budget. I use e-coupons and paper manufacturing coupons, as well as in store specials. I plan it all. Today I realized that my plan for making Teriyaki Chicken with Soba Noodles and Broccoli went awry when I realized I forgot to put Yakisoba noodles on my grocery list. The kids thought I couldn’t make that same dinner without them. It was cute- they are always in on the menu planning and were totally looking forward to Teriyaki. The perplexed look on their faces when I pulled out a box of spaghetti and told them, “I got this!” They watched me pan fry the al dente noodles in a little peanut oil, garlic, soy sauce and a little Teriyaki sauce. They were quite impressed. 

A teeny bit crispy, full of flavor and perfect with some chicken breasts cut up that I had cooked in Teriyaki. Love being their Supermom.❤️

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