My Kids Think I’m Cuckoo! 

I love surprising the kids. They are not little anymore, but I still like to out lame myself from the previous years and make something crazy for the holidays for them. 

I’m always on Pinterest and I see ideas- I came across one with Peep Bunnies riding a Twinkie, so I made these, simply because my kids are Peep Chick crazy. I can make all of the most amazing organic cookies and they will still go for the Peeps. Glad it’s just once a year! 🐥 This is the first time as an adult that I’ve purchased Twinkies. My kids have only had them once when their grandma snuck them to the kids. (They’ve probably had them many times that I wasn’t made aware of) Now to decide what supplies I need to get together for decorating eggs with them this week! Last year, we made Emoji Eggs. 

It gets crazier- I made Wookiee and Ewok cookies for Christmas out of Gingerbread…

For Valentine’s Day this year, I made sugar cookies using my daughter’s favorite terms. 

I love making Holidays fun! 

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